‘Inside Woodlawn’ Documentary


Local TV Station Goes 'Inside Woodlawn'

KGW8 Reporter Cristin Severance and photojournalist Gene Cotton spent the 2019-20 school year in our halls, classrooms and homes uncovering the stories of the students, staff and families that make up the Woodlawn community. 

They have continued their reporting into the 2020-21 school year, and will continue to produce episodes periodically as new stories emerge. Most recently, they checked in with our own Lionel Clegg, who won the On Point Teacher of the Year Award for 2020-21.

The full set of videos and extras can be found on KGW8’s YouTube page.

'Inside Woodlawn' Special Episodes (2020-21)

'Inside Woodlawn' Episodes 1-10 (2019-20)

5th graders say goodbye and thank you | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 10

Some students still falling through the cracks with distance learning | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 9

The challenges and successes of distance learning | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 8

Students offer advice and share their fears about COVID-19 | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 7

Changing behavior with yoga and gratitude lessons | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 4

How gentrification has priced out some families | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 3

Program that recruits teachers of color in danger of ending | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 2

One year inside a Portland elementary school | Inside Woodlawn Ep. 1