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"Celebrate Woodlawn," an annual event put on by the Woodlawn PTA

In an unprecedented year with many unexpected changes, the Woodlawn PTA is adapting and changing in order to support the Woodlawn School community.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the PTA launched an online fundraiser to help provide relief to Woodlawn families. We are now working to expand the Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund to provide support to our Woodlawn School community members and to lift each other up in this time. 

While historically the PTA has not reflected the broader school community, this year we are inviting you to join us as we explore new ways to engage and empower families, to collect and distribute funds, and to better support all of our children.

We value your voice and want to hear from you! Find out more about us on this page, join us at the next meeting, and email us at WoodlawnSchoolPTA@gmail.com with your ideas, questions and areas of interest.

To echo Woodlawn’s unofficial motto, “You are welcome here. Our community is better with you in it.” We are so excited to make this school year great!

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PTA Meeting Schedule 2020-21

Share your ideas or just listen in! All are welcome at the monthly PTA Meeting / Parent Meet-Up on the 2nd Tuesday of every month via Zoom.  Find a direct link to each meeting on our homepage. See you there!



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Thanks for coming

PTA Meeting Minutes 2020-21

Click the arrow to the left of each date to open up the notes for that meeting.  You can view the meeting slide presentation (if available) by clicking the link on the associated calendar card above.

Woodlawn PTA
October 13, 2020
Virtual Meeting Minutes
Peak attendance 35 people

• Welcome and ice breaker
• SUN School
• Woodlawn Racial Justice Initiative
• Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund
• Woodlawn Family Directory
• 2020 – 2021 Budget
• PPS Bond Renewal Campaign

• Principal’s Update

If you’d like to stay informed about the PTA, please email to add your name to the PTA list. WoodlawnSchoolPTA@gmail.com We will send out reminders and updates about meetings, opportunities to volunteer and get involved, funders and events. We will also send out updates in the Wednesday newsletter.

(2) SUN School
Tianna Sly, the SUN School Manager at Woodlawn was unable to make it to tonight’s meeting but she wanted to let families know that SUN school registration is still open for 1st – 5th graders. October 12th – December 17th.
Check it out the SEI website to see the array of class options and to register (www.selfenhancement.org/sun2020). All the classes will be online, including activity kits and is a great opportunity for students to connect with other students. Information is also included in the Wednesday Newsletter from Mary Evans.

(3) Woodlawn Racial Justice Initiative
The PTA is committed to being part of a sustained and coordinated effort to support anti-racism and racial justice across the school community. We acknowledge that in the past the PTA has not been an inclusive and welcoming space for all families and are committed to changing the way we engage with the school community to ensure that all families and particularly BIPOC students are supported. We do not yet know what this will look like and recognize that we won’t be able to come up with any plan of action without more diverse perspectives in the conversation. Please let us know if you have a perspective or ideas to share or if you’d like to stay informed about this work, please email the PTA at: WoodlawnSchoolPTA@gmail.com

One way the PTA is working to improve is by strengthening our partnership with the SUN school to support the SUN program and to coordinate closely on events and activities. We will continue to share more about this partnership throughout the year.

[From Principal Andrea Porter Lopez] At the staff level the staff are working to integrate the “Teaching tolerance standards” into all classrooms. They are also putting together a reference library on racial justice for staff to use.

2nd Annual Fall Pie Fundraiser
The 2nd Annual Fall Pie Fundraiser is on now. Go to the Woodlawn PTA website https://woodlawnwildcats.org/ to order your pies online. All the pies come frozen, and are sold at or below cost with a more extensive variety than you would find at Whole Foods or New Seasons. Orders are due by this Friday, October 16th. The pies will be available to pick up at Woodlawn school at pre-set times on October 30th.

All proceeds of the pie sales will go towards the Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund

(4)Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund

This spring, the PTA raised $3,600 to support families who were economically impacted by the COVID-19 shut down. The fund was managed by Mary Evans and Tianna Sly who worked hard over the summer to connect families to resources. The funds raised were used to gift/gas cards for families and to purchase food and household items to add to the food pantry which were collected and stored in a storage pod.

We expect that needs for rent and utility assistance will increase as we get further into the pandemic the mortarium on rent are lifted.

This fall, the PTA is continuing this effort, which we are now calling the Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund. Our goal is to raise close to $6,000 this year, to support families in need.

(5) Woodlawn Family Directory
The PTA is putting together a family directory in English and in Spanish for Woodlawn School, to help families connect while students are not physically at school. We are collecting names and emails and the directory will be password protected. If you have not already, please visit the new Woodlawn PTA website https://woodlawnwildcats.org/family-directory and follow the link to fill out the Google Form.

First deadline to add your name to the directory is October 18th but you can add your name anytime.

The first publication of the Directory will go live online by October 30th.

(6) 2020-21 Budget

Fundraising goal is $13,533 (This includes the fundraising for the Family Resilience Fund and the Spring Plant Sale)
Projected expenses are $23,488
If the current proposed budget is approved, we would end the 2021 year with $11,803, which includes the carryover and bank balance from last year.

A few things to note:
In 2019-20 the PTA contributed more funds than originally budgeted to support the 5th grade graduation (memory books and tee shirts) to make sure that the outgoing class was celebrated during the COVDI-19 shut down. We may want to consider adding more to this item if the circumstances are the same this year.
A new expense this year is for professional website hosting, which was needed to upgrade and maintain the new site.
There are many line items for events and activities that are still unknown and there is likely to be some shifting of priorities as the year goes on. We plan to keep them in the budget for now until there is more clarity for how the rest of the year will go.

The proposed 2020-21 budget was unanimously approved by the PTA.

(7) PPS Bond Renewal Campaign

The Portland Public Schools Board of Education has referred a proposed 2020 School Bond to voters, Measure 26-215. If approved by voters on November 3, the proposed 2020 School Bond would fund health and safety projects in schools across the school district, replace textbooks and technology equipment districtwide, update curriculum, modernize Jefferson High School, master plan additional neighborhood school projects, complete Benson Polytechnic High School, continue design and planning to modernize Cleveland and Wilson High Schools and create a Center for Black Student Excellence within PPS. The bond will maintain the existing bond rate, so there will be no increase in taxes.

Steph Routh from the Yes for PDX Schools presented information at the meeting

The Woodlawn PTA approved the motion to endorse the School Measure 26-215. To get donate or volunteer for the campaign or download and color a window sign visit http://yespdxschools.com. Become a lawn sign captain and/or deliver lawn signs – http://yespdxschools.com/lawnsign/.

Principals’ Updates
Back to School Night – Live Q&A Session on Wednesday 10/14. Video links are posted on the home page tab.

Introduction and welcome to Katherine Hu, Woodlawn’s new Vice Principal!!!

Construction Updates – (paid for from the 2016/17 School Bond Measures)
• 1st floor roofs are being replaced including 3 portable buildings. Sections were replaced and patched on the second floor roofs.
• ADA upgrades
• Handrails in stairwells
• Replaced ADA accessible handles for sinks on the 1st floor
• Security upgrades
• 3 video cameras at different doorways, with ability to see and communicate with the person buzzing 2 of the 3 doors.
• PA systems now cover all the quiet spaces – hallways, cafeteria, gym, stairwells, etc.
Staffing –
• Ms. Tessma, new ½ time counselor (funded through • Every Student Succeeds)
• Mr. Duff, new music teacher
• Ms. Escovedo, new 2nd teacher
• Teacher Anne – previously pre-K at Woodlawn, moved into the 2nd Grade position
Some of the classified staff are temporarily reassigned to other program (ex. Paraeducator – reassigned to support middle/high school)

Classified staff still need materials (stable internet, chromebooks, white boards, headsets with a speaker, etc.) for the home setting, so they can connect with students and families directly. Some of these items may be covered by the school budget, but there may be a request to the PTA to help fill some of these needs.

Kindergarteners and their teachers are getting matching tee shirts – to help create more spirit and connection.

Woodlawn has signed up for virtual fieldtrips through OMSI Plantetary related, possibly before winter break (Thanks Becky Hilary)

The staff are still grappling with the day-to-day. Teachers are at an overload point right now, so they are holding off on any mid-long range planning. Parents are welcome to organize activities.

Enrollment is stable with over 90% contact with students.

The majority of the curriculum (posted in Seasaw) follows the districts scope and sequence. Some teachers are modifying activities so that the content is the same but to make it more age appropriate.

Woodlawn Wildcats Merchandise
You can now visit the PTA’s newly revamped website to purchase Woodlawn Wildcats Merchandise. We have kids tees, some adult tees and Black Lives Matter tees. All the inventory is listed on the website. If you have placed an order, Tracy Little will bag up and distribute the tee shirts 1x week. Tracy is happy to answer any question through the Square site. (Go to woodlawnwildcats.org and click Shop, or link directly to the store here:  https://woodlawn-806881.square.site/)

Please let the PTA know if you have suggestions for what the PTA should be doing differently this year. We are open to your thoughts and ideas! WoodlawnSchoolPTA@gmail.com. Thank you and goodnight.

See Chat recording below

Chat recording:

18:06:54 From Priscilla Hunter : Can you send it again i’m not seeing it..
18:06:58 From Priscilla Hunter : The agenda
18:07:13 From Laura Koch To Amy Fauver(privately) : Yes, I do have it
18:07:20 From Laura Koch To Amy Fauver(privately) : Did you want to share it?
18:07:23 From Rachel Wiecking : It’s right there above your comment 🙂
18:07:37 From Anne Williamson : I teach second grade this year: Pre-K for the past 3 years.
18:07:43 From Rachel Elder : Parent of a 4th grader
18:07:46 From Bethany W (she/hers) : i don’t see the agenda either 😉
18:07:46 From denawhipple : My daughter, Emily, is in Mr. Shipe’s 5th grade class.
18:07:47 From Priscilla Hunter : 1st grade: Mr. Clegg
18:07:50 From amy boucher : agenda not visible to all of us then.
18:07:51 From Andy Furgeson : Lewis E-F, 1st grade, Mr. Lowery’s class
18:07:51 From Jewel Miller : My daughter Scout is in 2nd grade in Ms Petersen’s class.
18:07:52 From Jocelyn Beh : 3rd grader Henry in Mrs. Howard’s class and 1st grader Abby in Mr. Clegg’s class
18:07:53 From Rachel Wiecking : Parent of 2 first graders
18:08:02 From Megan Lewis : Parent of a first grader
18:08:03 From christina albo (she/her) : Christina albo – mom of Fiona in 4th grade – Ms O’s class
18:08:05 From noahjacobson : Hello! I’m Jessica. I have 2 kiddos in 1st grade and a 4th grader
18:08:07 From Laura Koch : 1st grader
18:08:09 From Laura Burrus : Hello, I have three kids at Woodlawn. Ada is in Mr. Ransom’s 3rd grade and Everett and Miles are in Ms. Flores Kindergarten
18:08:13 From Andrea Porter-Lopez : Hi Everyone! I’m Andrea, the school principal
18:08:14 From Eleanor : Hello! I have two kids at Woodlawn, Eleanor in 3rd grade with Ms. Howard and June in kindergarten with Ms. Flores
18:08:15 From Belle Cantor : 3rd grade: Mr. Ransom
18:08:20 From Katherine Hu : Hi! I’m new! I’m the new assistant principal. Excited to be here!
18:08:21 From Clifton Chestnut : Parent of Santiago, 3rd grader (Mr Ransom)
18:08:26 From Tracy Little : Tracy Little, parent of 4th grader Daniel
18:08:26 From Luis : im stilos father my boy is in kindergardon hes in mr.garza class
18:08:27 From amy boucher : K- Barney, garza 3rd- Mae, ransom
scrolled to the top and not seeing it.
18:08:32 From Mary Cadien : 2nd (Escovedo) and 3rd grade (Howard).
18:08:33 From Bethany W (she/hers) : Daughter Eleanor 2nd grade Teacher Anne
18:08:41 From Priscilla Hunter : Oh.. and kindergartner in Ms. Flores.. Lol
18:08:51 From Becca Snyder : My son Elias is in 3rd in Ms. Howards class (7th grade daughter graduated from Woodlawn 2 years ago)
18:09:01 From Tinnon2 : Mrs T here
18:09:02 From Rachel Wiecking : A first grader in Mr. Lowery’s and a first grader in Mr. Clegg’s
18:09:51 From Eleanor : Amber Christopher
18:09:52 From Amy Fauver : WoodlawnSchoolPTA@gmail.com
18:10:06 From Laura Koch : Here’s the agenda again: Welcome and ice breaker

SUN School

Woodlawn Racial Justice Initiative
Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund 2. Overview of spring/summer efforts
Woodlawn Family Directory
2020 – 2021 Budget
PPS Bond Renewal Campaign
Principal’s Update
18:15:06 From Amy Fauver : Here’s the link to the SUN School registration page: www.selfenhancement.org/sun2020
18:15:13 From Amy Fauver : www.selfenhancement.org/sun2020
18:17:31 From Jewel Miller : I saw Mrs. T here
18:18:27 From christina albo (she/her) : awesome on racial justice work – curious if you have had feedback from BIPOC staff/families of color, and what that feedback is/was?
18:18:34 From Bethany W (she/hers) : Mr.s T is on but she has a bad ear infection and having a hard time hearing!
18:18:58 From Jewel Miller : oh no, I hope you feel better soon Luretta!
18:19:09 From Mary Cadien : she is on this chat though just no ears.
18:19:12 From Eleanor : Oh no feel better Mrs. T!
18:21:07 From Tinnon2 : I’m reading the chat.
18:21:43 From amy boucher : I think work around housing could be important. getting families into the neighborhood, keeping families here. I have a relator friend who’s kids go to Scott; she has a lot of resources I can connect the workgroup with.
18:23:07 From Tinnon2 : Great Idea Amy!
18:23:29 From Belle Cantor : There was an active Families group a couple years ago, is it still active?
18:24:59 From Mary Cadien : not that I know of.
18:28:23 From Tinnon2 : Bethany and I?
18:30:37 From Rachel Elder : Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!
18:31:15 From Laura Koch : Applause to you and your family Luretta!
18:31:15 From Mo-Mo’s little friend : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
18:31:16 From Eleanor : Yay Luretta! We love and appreciate you so much!
18:31:28 From christina albo (she/her) : thank you tianna, Mary and Lurretta!
18:32:49 From Megan Lewis : Have we looked into creating a crowdfunding page?
18:33:19 From Megan Lewis : If we haven’t, I would be happy to help set that up if it’s of interest
18:33:21 From Tinnon2 : #wildcatstrong #together #onefamily #onecommunity
18:33:51 From Jewel Miller : they take 3% usually
18:33:52 From Megan Lewis : That’s true, but they help you raise a lot more
18:34:10 From Megan Lewis : Sure thing
18:34:43 From Bethany W (she/hers) : if we are getting other donations through Square they take a percentage also
18:35:45 From Mary Cadien : the pies are so so so good.
18:36:03 From Rachel Wiecking : http://woodlawnwildcats.org
18:36:04 From amy boucher : friday by 5😀
18:36:14 From amy boucher : frozen fruit too
18:36:42 From Rachel Wiecking : https://woodlawnwildcats.org/ and click on SHOP in the main menu
18:36:46 From amy boucher : encourage neighbors!
18:38:12 From Rachel Wiecking : Direct to pie buy: https://woodlawn-806881.square.site/pie-sale#XrgWBH
18:38:25 From Lauren Funk : to clarify, do all of the pie fundraising dollars go to the covid resilience program?
18:39:06 From Lauren Funk : thank you
18:40:22 From amy boucher : normally our PTA funds go to things like field trips, supplying the teachers, unpaid lunch debt, and at-achool event nights. so very little is being diverted from an established need or allocated funds.
18:40:32 From Bethany W (she/hers) : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MnnJdLiSApJkgbBpJ1dmRVrlitxBIl5eDd6X3y_VkYg/edit
18:41:50 From Andy Furgeson : Bethany, I think this link is in edit mode or something… I’m not able to enter answers. But I might be doing it wrong!
18:42:17 From denawhipple : Is there a flyer about the directory that’s being distributed at lunch and/or library book pick up?
18:42:20 From Bethany W (she/hers) : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeE7LwtbD-QliucC7mAYsO7Jqj9uQaume3NM3LFbG91utCz-A/viewform?usp=sf_link
18:44:08 From Jewel Miller : that is correct, Bethany.
18:44:17 From Megan Lewis : Sorry to circle back but I just had another thought about crowdfunding… I wonder whether our KGW reporter would be willing to share? And/or we could add links on all the YouTube pages of the KGW videos! We can talk about this later – just wanted to get this idea out before it left my overloaded brain!
18:44:42 From Becca Snyder : Great idea Megan!
18:44:57 From Jewel Miller : I like that idea
18:45:19 From Jocelyn Beh : I didn’t know we could reach out to other families in our classes through Remind. Thanks for the tip!
18:45:49 From James Riddle : pitch to the KGW team a story about the resilience fund and why it’s important for the WES population
18:46:11 From Rachel Wiecking : Good ideas!
18:46:34 From Laura Koch To Amy Fauver(privately) : Steph from the campaign just joined
18:46:34 From Bethany W (she/hers) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bEX0dDRjfoVZoKpMNUKSNzuas9v9m–5/view
18:46:49 From Amy Fauver To Laura Koch(privately) : great. Thanks. I was just looking for her.
18:46:59 From Amy Fauver To Laura Koch(privately) : I had told her 7:00 so that should be perfect
18:47:01 From Clifton Chestnut : Good idea on KGW. Reporters are careful about “promoting” issues but since she’s spent so much time at the school perhaps they’d be willing to share.
18:52:52 From amy boucher : I have to go- is there a place where we can access this budget sheet?
18:53:11 From Amy Fauver : Bethany put a link in the chat above
18:53:27 From amy boucher : oops, missed that, thanks
18:54:45 From Jewel Miller : if we drop the license expense, could we pay it in the spring if we need it?
18:54:54 From amy boucher : film screening : campfire was doing film events. if we keep up with restaurant profit share nights we it could take care of it
18:55:01 From denawhipple : It’s an annual license.
18:55:04 From amy boucher : it also goes to educational movies
18:55:31 From Becca Snyder : used for classrooms and PTA movie nights
18:55:37 From denawhipple : It’s not just for PTA movie nights, it’s because staff would use the license to cover in-class movies that were shown as rewards
18:55:50 From denawhipple : no harm in letting it lapse, since it won’t be used
18:56:42 From James Riddle : budget side note: if anyone works for a company that matches charitable giving… check to see if there is any registration needed. the PTA got registered with the giving contractor my company uses (Benevity, used by othe companies, too). b/c of covid disruptions right now my company is double matching.
18:56:47 From Tinnon2 : Yes. Thank you Andrea.
18:56:49 From amy boucher : can we also talk to the company that offers it? a lot of places have concessions for covid activity
18:57:42 From Jewel Miller : I think we should expand the graduation budget. if we don’t use it, better to have the rollover.
18:57:58 From amy boucher : really liking the square space for fundraising. family out of town go to the site and have an option just to give
18:58:37 From amy boucher : also I know it doesn’t go to pta, but Run for Woodlawn happening in some capacity? do we need to support our arts And PE otherwise?
18:59:00 From denawhipple : What did the graduation $ fund last year?
18:59:50 From Bethany W (she/hers) : Graduation last year – I think we gave money for the signs that they had in front of the school and for yearbooks. Maybe also t-shirts
18:59:55 From denawhipple : spring, sorry
19:00:32 From Tinnon2 : Memory books and Tees
19:00:51 From Bettina : it was all really sweet and appreciated
19:00:58 From amy boucher : thanks everyone. Heading out. please contact me with any pie fundraising questions And please buy your pies tonight!
19:01:08 From Amy Fauver : Thanks, Amy!
19:02:03 From Andrea Porter-Lopez : I motion to approve the budget
19:02:08 From Christopher Ransom : here here
19:02:14 From Tinnon2 : yay
19:02:28 From christina albo (she/her) : approve
19:02:29 From Megan Lewis : yay
19:02:32 From Jocelyn Beh : aye
19:02:33 From Rachel Wiecking : aye
19:02:34 From James Riddle : aye
19:02:34 From Rachel Elder : aye
19:02:35 From Mary Cadien : yes please
19:02:35 From Jewel Miller : Aye!
19:02:36 From Bettina : hi
19:02:37 From Becca Snyder : aye
19:02:37 From Andrea Porter-Lopez : yes
19:02:39 From brenda : yay!
19:02:42 From denawhipple : aye
19:02:53 From Rachel Wiecking : Yay!
19:03:59 From Christopher Ransom : Time for me to slip away from the computer for the night. Thanks for all you do for Woodlawn!
19:05:00 From Amy Fauver : Thanks for coming!
19:05:30 From Anne Williamson : I have to leave as well. So nice to see all your faces! Thanks for all you do!
19:05:40 From Amy Fauver : Thanks so much for coming!
19:06:46 From Mary Cadien : We miss you teacher Anne!
19:06:51 From Becca Snyder : Thanks STAFF for being on!!!
19:07:34 From Steph, Yes for PDX Schools : Textbank and phonebank – http://yespdxschools.com/volunteer/

Become a lawn sign captain and/or deliver lawn signs – http://yespdxschools.com/lawnsign/
19:10:44 From Jewel Miller : Will notes be sent out with these links too?
19:10:50 From Laura Koch : Yes
19:11:09 From Laura Burrus : Amy – I would like a sign if you have extras
19:11:30 From Laura Koch : And yes – we will also send notes out with links
19:12:08 From Laura Koch : I motion that our PTA endorse this campaign
19:12:10 From James Riddle : second
19:12:16 From Eleanor : third
19:12:25 From Bethany W (she/hers) : aye
19:12:26 From James Riddle : aye
19:12:27 From Jocelyn Beh : aye
19:12:28 From Jewel Miller : aye
19:12:31 From Rebecca Hillary : Yes
19:12:31 From Mary Cadien : aye
19:12:32 From Trista Page : IIIII
19:12:35 From Tracy Little : aye
19:12:37 From Tinnon2 : Aye
19:12:39 From Priscilla Hunter : aye
19:12:56 From Steph, Yes for PDX Schools : And if you want to download and color a window sign, here they are: Download, color, and post a coloring page for Portland schools – http://yespdxschools.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/YES.PDX_.Schools_Coloring_Sheets.pdf
19:13:02 From Tracy Little : Thank you Steph!
19:13:15 From Laura Koch : Thanks Steph!
19:13:50 From Amy Fauver : Thanks so much, Steph!
19:14:26 From Amy Fauver : Laura Burris: Will you email me your address? I’ll drop off a sign: amyfauver@gmail.com
19:14:55 From Mary Cadien : I’d love one also Amy
19:15:16 From Amy Fauver : I’ll plant one in your yard, Mary!
19:16:51 From Laura Burrus : Amy F -I emailed you my address. Thanks.
19:16:54 From Amy Fauver : Welcome, Katherine!
19:18:19 From Mary Cadien : Welcome! It’s nice to see your face.
19:18:22 From Clifton Chestnut : Welcome!
19:18:34 From christina albo (she/her) : welcome!
19:19:52 From christina albo (she/her) : ❤️ ADA upgrades
19:20:26 From Tracy Little : Amy- If we have a couple mins at end I’d like to make a couple of notes about the new online store.
19:21:55 From Amy Fauver : Tracy – We have time for committee chairs to give short overviews after Andrea is done.
19:22:09 From Clifton Chestnut : Have a great night, everyone.
19:22:17 From Laura Koch : Thanks for coming!
19:22:21 From Amy Fauver : Thanks for coming, Clifton!
19:22:22 From Mary Cadien : thanks for coming!
19:24:57 From brenda : I might have to step off early… In that case, I’m Brenda Steurer the mom of 3 boys, 2 which are Woodlawn Wildcats. Casper is in 2nd grade with Ms Petersen and Cy is in Kindergarten with Mr. Garza. I am also the co-chair with Trista Page on the Staff Appreciation board. Please reach out to me if you have some ideas for showing our gratitude to our Woodlawn staff! brendoula3@gmail.com
19:26:06 From Mary Cadien : this is why I am in my closet
19:26:10 From Amy Fauver : Thanks, Trista!
19:26:19 From Amy Fauver : Oops, I meant Brenda!! 🙂
19:28:23 From Becca Snyder : What are classified staff helping with for virtual school?
19:29:23 From Amy Fauver : I heard that food services ran out of food for families wanting it. Has that been solved?
19:30:32 From Rachel Wiecking : Woodlawnwildcats.org
19:30:54 From Rachel Wiecking : https://woodlawnwildcats.org/
19:31:06 From Amy Fauver : We would love to hear everyone’s idea for how to build community when we can’t be together.
19:31:52 From Laura Koch : Buddy system – to pair a family new to Woodlawn with a family that’s been at the school
19:31:55 From James Riddle : please let us know if there’s anything other parents can do to help welcome the new KG families.
19:32:12 From Bethany W (she/hers) : how is the food pantry going to be operating?
19:32:21 From Rebecca Hillary : Andrea, You can mention the OMSI event.
19:32:28 From Mary Cadien : Maybe revive the Woodlawn Ambassador program
19:32:47 From Amy Fauver : I love the buddy system idea. What was the Ambassador program?
19:33:04 From James Riddle : car parade for staff and older student to parade for new K fams?
19:33:32 From Becca Snyder : love these ideas
19:33:47 From Mary Cadien : I don’t think it came to fruition but was volunteers of seasoned Woodlawn families who would connect with families in a buddy type system.
19:33:56 From Mary Cadien : Yay!!!
19:34:20 From Megan Lewis : Great job, Becky!
19:35:03 From Becca Snyder : Will the food pantry be inside at Woodlawn?
19:35:26 From Jocelyn Beh : Andrea, how are we doing as a school in terms of participation? Is our enrollment stable from last year or did we lose families? Have staff been able to be in contact with all enrolled families? Is there anything we can do to support outreach?
19:36:30 From James Riddle : parents would be great.
19:36:41 From James Riddle : …if enough singed up.
19:37:18 From Amy Fauver : Thanks so much to everyone for coming tonight. I look forward to meeting many of you in person soon! I have to go for a family event but Mary is going to close out the meeting.
19:39:17 From Rebecca Hillary : Thank you, all. I promised by 3rd grader a game of chess before bed. 🙂
19:39:36 From Mary Cadien : Thanks for leading the meeting and all your hard work Amy
19:40:12 From Bethany W (she/hers) : thank you for joining us Andrea and Katherine!
19:40:20 From Laura Koch : Thank you Andrea!
19:40:46 From Becca Snyder : Thanks for the update Andrea and being here Katherine!
19:42:36 From Rachel Elder : Do you need volunteers to help with delivery?
19:42:57 From Tinnon2 : Thank you all for the well wishes!
19:42:59 From Bethany W (she/hers) : Andrea will you be able to put in a plug for the pie sale at back to school night?
19:43:30 From Andrea Porter-Lopez : I will try… to remember…
19:43:53 From Bethany W (she/hers) : I will ask you in Q&A…where can I get delicious pie and support the PTA!
19:44:05 From Jewel Miller : Thank you all!
19:44:07 From Andrea Porter-Lopez : sweet!
19:44:10 From Bettina : thank you all! nice to see you
19:44:14 From denawhipple : Thank you! 🙂
19:44:20 From Eleanor : Thanks so much for all your hard work board members and Woodlawn staff! We appreciate you so much!
19:44:24 From Jocelyn Beh : Thanks all! Nice to see you.
19:44:25 From Mo-Mo’s little friend : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
19:44:29 From Trista Page : Thank you!
19:44:33 From Megan Lewis : Thank you!
19:44:35 From Andy Furgeson : Thanks PTA leaders!!
19:44:37 From Laura Burrus : Thanks!
19:44:45 From Becca Snyder : I appreciated all this info!!!
19:44:59 From James Riddle : thx leadership! that went as well as any zoom mtgs I’ve been on lately 🙂
19:45:02 From Mary Cadien : Thanks so much for all of you for spending all this time online after a day of being online.
19:45:09 From Tinnon2 : Good night all.

View November’s slide deck

We’re no longer posting written minutes. In future months you can find the link to the meeting slide deck on the calendar card above. 

Woodlawn PTA Meeting Notes
December 8, 2020

Peak attendance: 16

Principal Update – Andrea Porter-Lopez
Not too many updates, the staff is just trying to get better at what they are doing
OMSI – Friday Virtual fieldtrips (Stars/Astro-biology)
A virtual Hip Hop Nutcracker is being offered this week through every students’ classroom (links available to teachers only).

Staff Appreciation Week
December 7 – 11
$25 Gift Certificates were purchased by the PTA for all Woodlawn Staff and cards will be mailed (with the gift cards) on Wednesday

Students are encouraged to send personal notes this week.

Make a special video through Seesaw
Send an electronic gift card via email (Benefit app instructions in next slide)
Send an email to your teachers and other staff members. Staff emails can be found at https://www.pps.net/domain/950
Send a written message via Remind or Seesaw
Draw a picture and send it electronically via Seesaw
Mail – You are welcome to send letters to the school mailing address. Mail is checked every few weeks.
Drop off – Please call ahead, Andrea and Katherine are often in the building in the mornings.

How are staff doing?
Staff morale is lower than it has been and lower than it would be if staff were in person.

Staff are struggling with the same issues that families are struggling with (connectivity issues, kids being sick, time management, etc.). Staff also have added pressure because they know they are being seen and often judged by families who are nearby during virtual learning time.

Online learning is very taxing for staff. They are putting in 10 hour days which is not necessarily unusual, but the ratio of prep time for 2.5-3 hours of contact time is notable. Many of the tools and techniques they would typically use to build relationships with students are not possible online.

Student attendance and student engagement have also been down since fall conferences.

What parents/families can do to support staff:
Make sure your student is ready for class
Communicate with teachers about absences, just as you would if school were in person
Send individual messages to teachers.

Andrea anticipates PPS will continue online through Q3.

Library Books
Library books can be returned. Call the school in advance for a morning drop off. Book distribution is on hold for now.

Mural Project – suggestion from parent, Neal Armstrong
Neal proposed a community mural project to help build community during these trying times. If there was interest, Neal offered to manage the project and coordinate with the Regional Arts and Culture Council. RACC has a network of community organizers and artists who are trained in community murals and could potentially lead the design process.

Suggested locations – PPS will not allow murals on school buildings, but it could be done on a portable, a retaining wall, or a fence (like Owls @ Vernon)
Parents at the meeting voiced they would like to see a mural tied to the neighborhood history

Next steps – Neal will write up a short summary of the proposed project. Amy will touch base with PTA Board next week about this idea and see how it might align with other priorities and fundraising activities.

Fundraising Update
Green Bean fundraiser – we are still waiting to hear how much we raised, but we do know that most of the wish lists that teachers submitted were fulfilled, which is great news.

Pie Sales – raised between $800-900 (still working to sort the transactions in November). All proceeds of this sale will go towards the Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund.

Woodlawn Family Resilience Fund
Current balance – Approximately $1300
Some of the resilience funds were used this month to support a family in need of housing stability. The PTA agreed to promote an end-of-year campaign (through social media and newsletter) to raise more funds for upcoming needs. The PTA agreed it would be great to promote small donations $5, $10 – so it is accessible for anybody to contribute.

Request for additional support for families during the holiday
Andrea is working closely with Mary Evans and Tianna Sly to help fill holiday wish lists for families who are struggling to make ends meet this season. This year, the number of families on the list are more than double what it has been in past years – and the needs are great. If you are interested in purchasing gifts or gift cards, please reach out to Andrea, Mary or Tianna for more specific requests. Gift cards (Target, Fred Meyer) and other contributions are needed by Wednesday 12/16.

PTA Standing Rules
The Woodlawn PTA is part of the Oregon PTA and every year we have to go through a process to be a “unit in good standing”. We are required to submit our annual approved budget, end of year financial statement, proof of insurance for officers (as a 501c3 nonprofit) and another items.

The Woodlawn PTA does not require dues, since we do not want dues to be a barrier to participation. Several board members have already paid their $10 dues this year. Others are welcome to pay dues if they are interested. (see Oregon PTA website).

Historically, we have had fairly low level of engagement with the Oregon PTA but we do try to keep in good standing.

Amy updated the standing rules with the new committees, but otherwise they are the same as they have been for many years. Meg Busse will be removed as co-president. She is still involved in the PTA but can’t make the Tuesday meetings and is no longer serving as co-president.

There was a movement to adopt the standing rules for this year (Bethany). Luretta seconded the motion. Unanimous support for the motion. The PTA approved the standing rules for this year.

Help us energize the PTA!

Join the board, sign up for a committee or start something new

There is no official membership process for the PTA. All are welcome at the monthly PTA Meeting / Parent Meet-Up, and everyone is invited to participate at the level that works for them. If you’re interested in joining the board or a committee, let us know. We’re happy to share the information we have and look forward to hearing your questions and ideas.

PTA BOARD 2020-21

Meg Busse
Amy Fauver

Mary Cadien

Luretta Tinnon
Bethany Wofford

Laura Koch

Trista Page
Brenda Steurer

Rachel Elder


Tracy Little

Megan Lewis 

Your name here? 

Your name here? 

Your name here?

Are you interested in a vacant board or committee chair position? Or maybe you would like to volunteer on a committee but don’t have time to be the lead? We would love your help, and to hear your ideas for new actions or structures to ensure the PTA works for all Wildcat families.


Staff Appreciation Committee
We plan events and actions to communicate our appreciation for the work of Woodlawn’s teachers and staff.

Communications Committee
We keep the Woodlawn school community informed about PTA meetings, events, and volunteer opportunities through a variety of channels.

Merchandising Committee
We support our Wildcats by selling affordable t-shirts, hoodies, yard signs and even face coverings.

Events Committee
We plan and execute community-building events like Woodlawn Night Out, Movie Nights, and Celebrate Woodlawn. 

Fundraising Committee
We come up with creative ways to raise money to support Woodlawn students and families. We coordinate sales of pies and plants, and set up options for you to donate where you eat, shop and play!


Missing something?

Are you looking for information that should be here, but isn’t? Did your eagle eye spot a mistake? Use this form to let us know how we can improve.