Virtual Assemblies

Do you find yourself missing the bustle and news of assemblies? Never fear: our amazing school leaders have been holding virtual assemblies all year. You can view them all on Vice Principal Katherine Hu’s YouTube channel. Watch them with your kids, and let us know what you’re hoping to see in future assemblies! << Watch Virtual Assemblies Here >>

How do we build community when we can’t be together?

In ordinary times, we would be looking forward to regular Woodlawn school events, assemblies and celebrations. We would be finding our own way to connect with and get involved in our school and our communities.

This year we are experiencing a pandemic, and struggling to find…

PPS releases distance learning guidance for 2020-21

Woodlawn families are gearing up and getting online during PPS’ “soft start” to the school year. It’s a confusing time for everyone and getting the right information at the right time can be difficult.